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Turning Point – Dates: July 16th – 18th Location: Las Vegas, NV VENUE: Alexis Park Resort

The Shift – Dates: August 7th – 9th Location: Las Vegas, NV VENUE: Alexis Park Resort

Million Dollar Agent – Date: August 10th – 11th Location: Las Vegas, NV VENUE: Alexis Park Resort

Inner Circle Mastermind Summit – Date: March 4-6 Location: TBD VENUE: TBD

Welcome To Prosperity Alliance

Join the company who has help Millions of people for over 30 years in the industry. Marshall Sylver, CEO of Prosperity Alliance, a world-renown hypnotist and master of interpersonal communication, has been harnessing the power of the human mind since he was a child. Marshall has mastered his subconscious mind and turned the world around by offering programs that have changed countless people’s lives and creator of the the number one personal development program worldwide.


Level 10

Live Large with Marshall Sylver!

  • One-on-One Business Consulting with Marshall
  • Experience the life of the truly wealthy…at Marshall’s Personal Oasis, The Prosperity Palace Feast on the decadent delicacies prepared by Personal Master Chefs
  • Indulge in the finest night-life Las Vegas has to offer
  • Substantial One Time Bonuses

Retail Price: $49,995

Level 9

Imagine being able to pick the brains of the world’s leading experts in the areas of health, relationships, spirituality, mental programming, and emotional well-being. Spending time with actual SELF-MADE BILLIONAIRES. Couple this with lessons from people of excellence in every leading profession. In this 4½-day program, you will not only learn the knowledge to take your life to the next level – you’ll learn it from people who have applied and demonstrated their abilities in their own professions and lives.

Retail Price: $39,995

Level 8

Learn marketing strategies to dominate online and offline. Funnels, SEO, Email Campaigns, Snail Mail, Direct Marketing and more. Build an entire marketing funnel for your business while at this event. Also receive a complete marketing funnel to market your CERTAINTY business. The best marketers come together during this three-day event to show you what is working now.
Retail Price: $19,995

Level 7

The Next Level™ is the ultimate personal development program ever created. Imagine a total submersion in the skills and technologies of hypnosis. Five Days (50 hours!) of instruction in some of the most powerful transformational technologies ever created. In this program, you will learn and experience numerous hypnotic inductions and transformational techniques. You will also be challenged to make use of your skills and contribute to your world immediately.

Retail Price: $14,995

Level 6

Three full days of learning to create and conduct seminars and create a business in the highest paid profession on the planet – Public Speaking! Learn from Marshall Sylver, the Master of Influence™, on how to not only give content – also sell from the platform! For over three decades, Marshall has been perfecting the closing skills that can make you a master closer.
Content, Curriculum, and Closing. Build your own material or learn how to monetize the CERTAINTY curriculum.
Retail Price: $12,995

Level 5

Whether you want the foundational skills of investing in Real Estate, Tax Liens, Notes, The Stock Market, Forex or more, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from the best of the best. Even experienced investors will pick up some amazing strategies. This course is a massive overview into what is available in a rapidly changing marketplace. You will learn the mindsets and strategies of people who make their living as investors.

Retail Price: $9,995

Level 4

A 4-day digital course designed to help you get your financial house in order and build it into a palace. Step 1 is understanding your current financial circumstances and how you may be leaking hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month in overpaying fees, fines, and interest points that you don’t have to. You’ll learn the strategies millionaires and billionaires use to maximize profit while minimizing cost.

Retail Price: $7,995

Level 3

A 2-day educational experience teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to run their businesses smarter (not harder), in addition to teaching them how to create a productive and balanced lifestyle. Time management, presentation skills, passive income strategies and more. If you are ready for your FIRST MILLION, your FIRST MILLION is ready for you.

Retail Price: $3,995

Level 2

Whether your business succeeds or fails is largely a matter of whether or not you and your team know how to sell. This is the most important course you will ever take. Learn these skills and your success in almost any business is guaranteed!
Retail Price: $1,995

Level 1

The Turning Point™ Seminar is a two-day foundational training program that teaches you, through subconscious reprogramming, how to free yourself from phobias, minimize stress, increase your motivation levels, and practice discipline. You will learn cutting-edge skills to powerfully impact your relationships, finances, emotional and physical well-being.

Retail Price: $2,995

“Just an amazing experience”

Just an amazing experience and looking forward to more Marshall Sylver seminars/events! Loved the fire eating – wow! Thank you! AMAZING!”

Julie Lahr « Turning Point Attendee

“Thank you to everyone who prepared for a seemingly flawless event. It’s obvious that everyone Marshall surrounds himself with cares and shares the same passion to help others. *”

Margi Duncan, Margi Duncan

“Just an amazing experience and looking forward to more Marshall Sylver seminars/events! Loved the fire eating – wow! Thank you!”

Stephen Cronin

“Fantastic Seminar! Professional, Fun and Energizing. I’ve been to several seminars in the past and had high expectations. I was very happy with my decision to invest in Turning Point. :0) *!!!”

Julie Larson

“Marshall’s heart-felt renditions and real-life tales relating success and vision and becoming a millionaire to us and our situations; helping us get out of our own way by means of stories and examples and extremely helpful and positive advice.”

Jay Kennedy

“I really enjoyed the whole seminar! I really loved the exercise with eating the fire! Honestly I felt more power than I have ever felt in my life!”

Paul Macaluso

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