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My father and I attended Marshall Sylver’s Inner Circle Mastermind Summit in January of 2015. Since our attendance, we started a company that did over $2 million in sales in 2015. In JANUARY of 2016, we completed our first million dollar month! Thank you, Marshall!!!


Amy Jones , Managing Member, Superior Renovated Homes


You are one step closer to the greatest event of your life!

You now have the opportunity to join an elite and exclusive group of people that I consider my “Inner Circle”.

The Inner Circle Mastermind Summit is an extremely limited, highly sought after event that has catapulted many entrepreneurs, business owners, affiliates and speakers beyond their wildest dreams.

The core of the event is a three-day Summit taught at my personal 17,000sf residence Prosperity Palace on my private compound in Las Vegas.

Email to request an interview.

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Inner Circle Mastermind Summit!

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For three full days you will experience an intimate immersion in mind blowing, business exploding, life expanding super nova success hacking nirvana.

From your own personal hot-seat that gives you immediately actionable millionaire tactics to networking with high net-worth individuals your financial opportunities will expand exponentially.

In addition to getting personal direction from me you will also become part of a lifetime brain trust of like minded, success focused, top tier people who want your success as much as they want their own.

Countless past Inner Circle Mastermind Summit attendees have created their first seven figure years after attending this ground breaking event.

In addition, you will be spoiled with the lifestyle of a millionaire. In addition to sharing my lifestyle of luxury at Prosperity Palace I will take total care of you for all three days.

In addition to the ICMS itself you will also enjoy:
•Four Nights Lodging
•Gourmet Lunches by my own personal chef right at Prosperity Palace
•Superb Dinners each night at my favorite
local restaurants
•Limo Transportation to and from the hotel to the Palace each day
•An opportunity to create an additional six figure income that can create passive income for years to come with very little effort on your part.

Your investment in the ICMS could come back many times over making the event virtually FREE!!!

Since the event is taught in my personal residence it requires a personal interview with one of my coaches.

Financing is available to those with a 700 credit score or better. A minimum cash investment of $5,000 is required.

The Inner Circle Mastermind Summit is not for beginners. It is for those that are willing to be personally responsible for taking their life to the next level.

Email to request an interview.

*The investment for the Inner Circle Mastermind Summit is increasing 33% Jan. 1st 2016. Apply now!
*Due to the fact that The Summit is taught in Marshall Sylver’s personal residence the event is by invitation only and must pass a personal interview.  To inquire about receiving an invitation contact customer service.

Inner Circle Mastermind Summit Testimonials!

  • Second Time Attending ICMS
  • Produced Over $2,500,000.00 in their First Year
  • Produced First $1,000,000.00 month within 6 months of their first sale
  • Best part was being in an AMAZING ENVIRONMENT!
  • Great place to get away and think about your business
  • You should come to the Inner Circle Mastermind Summit
  • Loved being at ICMS as a couple
  • Enhanced their relationship
  • Amazing Food and experience!
  • Personal life was being effected by their business
  • Want to retire in 5 years and got a plan from Marshall
  • Marshall helps simplify and discover which direction to take
  • Transformed their mindset on moving business forward as a couple
  • Discovered so much about each other that they didn’t know before
  • Most Amazing experience they have ever been a part of!
  • Retired but realized that he needed more money to support his way of life
  • Marshall helped him get outof his shell
  • Really enjoyed the food and the family atmosphere!
  • Learned Presenting, Public Speaking
  • Learned of ways to get “Massive’ amount of new customers
  • Learned how to get new products to those customers
  • Learned how to duplicate their business
  • Learned that duplicating is the quickest way to growth
  • Learned how to open their minds and expand their wallets
  • Learned how to propel his real estate career to the next level
  • Got invaluable input from Marshall and the other participants
  • “Only a shift away from being your best you”
  • Figured out her 5 year to billionaire plan
  • Loved getting inspiration, and accountability from other participants
  • Personal chefs and the food was amazing!
  • Had amazing revelations about their business
  • Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on other programs that did not work
  • Were struggling in their relationship and were able to figure out how to mend it
  • Wanted to become a better public speaker
  • On a path to a business that could be fifty million per year
  • Believes that Marshall is one of the most successful businessmen and is modeling him
  • Moving into being more entrepreneurial
  • Gave her a plan and helped with confidence
  • Food is phenomenal! Highly recommends to anyone to wants to grow their business!
  • Marshall helped with their struggle balancing professional and personal partnerships
  • Added an extra stream of revenue to their business
  • ICMS is one of the most beneficial experiences they ever had
  • Loved the food and personal chefs
  • You will not regret going to the ICMS
  • Amazing experience!
  • Just left her corporate position and ICMS helped her figure out her new direction

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